Edge glued panels of Norway Spruce Classic

We supply edge glued panels for doors and windows which can be either continuous or according to the customer's specification, trying to minimise waste, always providing the customer with a detailed packing list indicating the pieces required and those delivered.

They are all made of fully fault-free material, and upon request they will be supplied with ROSENHEIM or CATAS quality certifications or FSC forest sustainability certification. Moreover, detailed data sheets are available for each edge glued panel type upon request.

The cross-sections available are:

48 x 87 mm
48 x 96 mm
63 x 87 mm
63 x 96 mm
72 x 76 mm
72 x 87 mm
72 x 96 mm
72 x 120 mm
84 x 87 mm
84 x 96 mm
84 x 120 mm
96 x 87 mm
96 x 96 mm
96 x 120 mm

NB: with 3 end-jointed lamellae, too