Modulteck floors

Teck Modules (Modulteck) is our new modular floor, easy to mount, ideal for outdoor design, i.e. for gardens, gazebos, terraces, verandas and swimming pools.

Features and advantages

• Modulteck is made of real thermo-treated Teck (Tectona Grandis).

• The laying work is minimised because strips are already screwed underneath on a Teck profile, therefore it is not necessary to buy any floor supports.

• The natural stability of Teck minimises the occurrence of torsion, bending and cracking in the strips

• Non-slip effect guaranteed by the intrinsic characteristics of Teck.

• Easy disassembly of the modular floor – after laying, too.

• Modulteck is an ecological product, manufactured using Teck coming from plantations that are guaranteed by forest rangers in full compliance with the law. No labour under the age of 20 is employed for its production.

• The disposal of Modulteck is simplified by the total absence of glues and paints.