wood species

Bahia (Abura)

Origin: Tropical-equatorial area.

Latin name.
Mitragyna ciliata
Aubrev. & Pellegr., M. stipulosa O.Ktze.

Natural vegetation area.
Humid forests of the African tropical-equatorial area, in particular of the western sector.

The tree reaches good sizes: height up to 35 metres, with diameter at breast height equal to 90-120 m. The trunk, which has no basal buttresses, is straight and with regular sections.

The general colour is rosy greyish or darkish, somewhat lighter in the external sapwood ring; in the heart, a dense grain can be identified. The texture features a rather high content of fine mineral particles.

Specific weight.
In the fresh condition 930 kg/m³ on average; after normal seasoning 560 kg/m³

Histological structure.
Fine texture; straight grain.


Mechanical characteristics.
Axial compression strength 52 N/mm² on average; bending strength 95 N/mm² ; moderate hardness; the impact behaviour is low.

Modulus of elasticity.
9.400 N/mm²

Most frequent structural defects and alteration.
Internal cavities due to the advanced decay of the heart; star cracks; yellowish stains due to fungal attack; insect galleries.

Poor with respect to both fungal and insect attack.


Texts taken from: “Manuale tecnico del legno”, FNALA CNA LEGNO LEGNO, by Prof. Ing. Guglielmo Giordano.


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