wood species

American ash

Origin: eastern part of the United States.

Latin name.
Fraxinus americana.

Natural vegetation area.
Species originating in North America where it can be found all over the eastern sector.

Tree up to 25 m high, with grayish cortex. Opposite leaves made of 7 little leaves supported by a long and thin stalk. Dioecious plant, with flowers appearing before leaves. The fruit is a pedunculate samara, with long wing.

Unlike the European Ash, it grows more rapidly and features a slightly darker colour, even though the American areas of origin can influence the tone in various ways. In general the greyish brown colour is characterized by red shades. Also the texture is coarser. Straight grain with marked growth rings.

Specific weight in the fresh condition.
Fresh 640 kg/m³; dried 450 kg/m³.

Histological structure.
Straight grain, coarse and uniform texture.


Mechanical characteristics.
Static bending strength 710 kg/cm²; compression strength 450 kg/cm².

Modulus of elasticity.
Average value of 11,997 MPa

Most frequent structural defects and alteration.
Tight knots; the central area of the trunk often features an olive colour; fake dark heartwood; internal stresses

From moderate to medium.

Species available for the following products:

planksedge-glued-panelsindoor flooringoutdoor flooring